About the Owner

Hello, I'm Samantha and I am the founder of Menagerie Cosmetics. I created my brand out of a deep love for wildlife and cosmetics and wanted to help contribute to animal welfare by donating a portion of my year end profits towards animal charity efforts. I launched my brand October 5th, 2019 with our first product, the Feral Eyeshadow Palette.

Some random facts about me non-related to cosmetics are; I love and have been web designing for over 15 years. Webdesign to me is like reading a good book; you get so immersed in it you lose all track of time. My previous work before I ever knew I'd be formulating cosmetics, was operating my parents pizzeria in a little sleepy town named Wasilla, Alaska. Boy could I make a good pie and my dad had the best recipe and prices in town. My dad taught me never to skimp on quality to make a quick buck. That’s probably where I get my extreme pickiness from when it comes to product development and formulations. I worked for my parents for several years before my husband and I decided to uproot to Washington where his family currently resides. I am a 33 year old mother to 2 beautiful little girls and a passionate entrepreneur. My work is my pride and I pour love into everything I create. :)

Our company is based out of Newman Lake, Washington and all of our formulations are vegan, cruelty free, talc free and made in-house by yours truly. Menagerie is a small, self funded operation, currently run by myself and my husband (bless his heart for diving into the makeup biz with me). What comes into the business is reinvested into new formulas and products. Every product is lovingly hand crafted in small batches, packaged and shipped by the two of us. We are hoping as we continue to grow that we can expand our little team. I hope you're able to dive into some of our products and fall completely in love!

Samantha (CEO)